What  kind of job do you do and what sort of hours do you work? There is no denying it. I really do work long hours at London escorts, and I also work late at night. It is really amazing how tired it makes you feel when you have to work late into the night. The next day after a long shift with London escorts at City of Eve Escorts, I can only describe myself as feeling totally “knackered” and I really don’t know if I am coing or going. Sometimes when I come home, I may even find it hard to sleep.


Friday is normally the toughest night at any London escorts service. That is when everybody would like to party and stay at late. I can totally understand why so many gents like to let their hair down with their favorite London escorts on a Friday night. I guess that I would feel the same way if I had a high powered job and had to work long hours during the week. But, it does not change the fact that my Friday night shift is the toughest of the week.


I used to try to work weekends at London escorts, but I have given up  on that. We used to do a lot of dating for our London escorts escorts for couples service during the weekend, but it became too much for me. Instead of working weekends, I take them off and try to chill out a  little bit. Saturday is my favorite day of the week, and I just like to take it easy. After a light breakfast, I always make sure that I book myself into one of the popular day spas in London.


Some of the other girls I work with at London escorts love to go shopping after having worked hard all week. I am not like that at all. Okay, I do like shopping, but unlike my colleagues at London escorts, I could not spend all weekend shopping. It simply would not work for me. Instead I feel that I need to get away from people on a Friday, and actually enjoy some ME time. I know that I am not the only girl in London to feel like. The days spas I go to are packed with girls who have worked their socks off during the week


It may seem a little extravagant to some people that I spend most of Saturday at a day spa, but I like to treat myself and be ready for work at London escort again on Monday. I feel that I get a little bit more out of a day at a day spa then spending the entire going shopping. As a mater of fact, I am pretty sure that it costs me less money to spa than to go shopping all day with the girls from London escorts. On occasion, one of the other girls from our London escorts does like to come with me. Like I say, there is nothing like a hot morning in a jacuzzi followed by a massage and facial to make sure that you are fully revived for the week.

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