Is My Fiancé Unfaithful to Me?

The paranormal has always piqued my curiosity, and I suppose I’m just one of those females. I read my horoscope every single day. My boyfriend’s infidelity has been a recurring dream of mine recently. Something seems to be happening, but I can’t be sure it’s true. He had a strong interest in dating London escorts at Charlotte basildon escorts before we started dating. He confided in me that he became addicted to London escorts when things became really terrible. At that point, he decided he needed assistance and began attending counseling.

What if he’s seeing escorts in London again? He has been consistently arriving home later than usual for the past two weeks. Moving in with him so quickly was a mistake that I deeply regret now. We may have a problem on our hands if he goes back to dating London escorts. The house is technically mine, so I suppose I’ll have to politely ask him to vacate. That, my friend, ranks very low on my list of issues. Embarrassment in the presence of my best buddy is my biggest concern.

It was not a smart idea to meet up with a guy who used to date London escorts, according to my best buddy. The issue is that I developed romantic feelings for him. He was forthright enough to admit that he had dabbled with dating escorts in London. I got the impression that he had given up on it since he came off as so honest. On the other hand, I now wonder whether my buddy was right and that I should have listened to her warnings about the guy before I went out with him.

Since I am not privy to his income, I am unable to monitor his nighttime activities. He might be seeing escorts in London, for all I know. The issue is that he is usually there when I return home from work, and I work quite late some nights. But things have changed recently, and it appears he does not head directly home after work anymore. He might have a favorite female at an escort agency in London.

Our relationship doesn’t seem like it has much of a future if he has returned to dating London escorts. I guess I should just tell him I don’t trust him now and face the consequences. Even though I know he’s going to get furious, I just can’t continue living this way. I believe that being with a trustworthy man is essential, just like most other girls. Having a boyfriend to return home to is lovely, but I truly wonder if he prefers to date London escorts or if he is actually my boyfriend. To be honest, I’d like to know the answer to that question.

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